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Why Choose JRE? The Warfighter’s Choice

Full Situational Awareness

JRE, the tactical data link gateway, affordably and reliably delivers full tactical data across the battlespace and around the globe, providing the real-time situational awareness needed for mission success.

  • SAIC’s JRE software affordably and reliably delivers full tactical data link situational awareness and digital command and control to the warfighter
  • Bridges incompatible networks in the AOR and around the world, delivering the common operational picture needed to understand the situation and execute the mission
  • Designed for flexibility and rapid response to new needs
  • Meets today’s fiscal challenges
  • Capability for both existing and emerging platforms
  • Avoids traditionally high integration cost

The Warfighter’s Choice

Proven in combat under difficult conditions, JRE is the clear choice of men and women in the field.

  • Save Lives: As combat forces on the line can attest, JRE provides the near real-time data and battlespace visualization needed to save lives
  • Reliable: JRE has the lowest latency and loss rate of any gateway and enhances overall network throughput
  • High Performance: With its 20,000 track capability, JRE surpasses other gateways when it comes to handling large track counts. JRE also has a host of other unique features, such as duplicate track elimination and specialized filtering, which enhance accurate battlespace situational awareness
  • Easy to Use: JRE is intuitive and takes only a few hours to learn. This minimizes training time and costs

The Global Standard

JRE has set the tactical data link standard around the globe.

  • The backbone for the North American Aerospace Defense Command helping provide the U.S. and Canada with an accurate homeland defense and situational awareness picture of air and maritime threats
  • The heartbeat of U.S. Air Force Middle East in-theater tactical data link architecture
  • The tactical data link program of record for Australia’s homeland defense network

Business Benefits

From a business and financial perspective, JRE offers the right combination of proven performance, affordability and availability.

  • Proven: First implemented in 2001, JRE has over 1,500 systems deployed on air, land and sea platforms across military services and internationally
  • Cost Effective: In an environment of drastically shrinking budgets, affordability is paramount. JRE offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any data link gateway
  • Compliant: JRE is fully compliant and joint certified and meets all MIL STD interoperability standards. It can be confidently implemented immediately, without further certification
  • Easily Procured: JRE can be purchased from the GSA catalog

Technologically Agile

From a technology standpoint, JRE fits easily into the existing architecture while providing a clear path to the future.

  • Flexible: JRE is written in JAVA, making it highly adaptable, now and in the future, as well as rapidly responsive to emerging warfighter requirements
  • Easily Integrated: JRE is a software-only gateway with the ability to run on nearly any processor. This negates the need to buy additional hardware and reduces the impact on the airborne platform’s size, weight, power and cooling restrictions
  • Adaptable: Software and hardware agnostic, JRE is highly configurable and since it has preexisting flight certifications, it can be run on other airborne platforms without additional, or at least with minimal, further qualification retesting

Right for Today

JRE delivers next-generation capabilities today, meeting the warfighter’s most pressing needs.

  • Delivers accurate, reliable, near real-time battlespace awareness
  • Successfully bridges disparate networks
  • Provides actionable data when and where it’s needed
  • Offers affordability in an environment of drastically shrinking budgets
  • Is flexible and easy to use

Ready for Tomorrow

JRE is also poised for the future.

  • JRE is continually adding new features, capabilities and radio connectivity—all available to our entire customer base as part of regular software updates/new releases
  • Provides a roadmap for the future, which includes ruggedized tablets and smart phones with touch-screen capability
  • Loads seamlessly "under the glass" for future platform redesign.
  • Protects your investment and reduces needs to retrain system operators