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Joint Range Extension (JRE) Gateway (GW)


monitorHow Do I register for JRE 101?
You can Self Register on the JRE Web Site:Training
You May Also Register By Calling (800) 765-3197


systemWhat Type of JRE Training is Available?
Engility Corporation Provides Type 1 Training for the JRE
The Course Reference Number for Type 1 JRE Training is JRE 101

clientsWho Should Enroll in JRE 101?
JRE Operators
JRE Maintainers
Joint Interface Control Officers (JICO)
Regional Interface Control Officers (RICO)
Link Planners
All Operators and Maintainers Working with TADIL Systems

testimonials 32x32What Does JRE 101 Offer to Students? 
JRE Operations
JRE Maintenance
JRE Troubleshooting
Basic System Administration
Configuring and Operating JTIDS and MIDS Terminals
Configuring and Operating UHF Radios for Satellite JREAP-(A) or SAT-J
Full implementation of MIL-STD 3011 A,B and C
JRE Lessons Learned From OEF and OIF
JRE Capabilities and Limitations
JDOTS Overview/Demonstration
Configuring and Operating SADL Radios
All Students Must Pass a Written and Lab Test
JRE 101 Consists of 18 Lessons Including Troubleshooting Labs
Students Successfully Passing the Class Receive JRE Certification in Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

worldWhat and Where is JRE 101 Offered?

JRE 101 is a 5 Day Course
JRE 101 is Normally offered one to two times per month
International Courses are available with prior planning and funding

Are There Any Other JRE Courses?

JRE 101 is The Only Course That Offers JRE Certification in Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

FORSCOM Offers the JICO Course that Offers in Depth Coverage of JRE Operations as it Relates to JICO Functions

Some Services Train a Limited Set of JRE Capabilities but Usually Lack Maintenance And Provide Little to No Troubleshooting