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Training FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register?

You can register online or by calling (800) 765-3197.

What Type of JRE Training is Available?

SAIC Provides Type 1 Training for the JRE. The Course Reference Number for Type 1 JRE Training is JRE 101.

Who Should Enroll?

  • JRE Operators
  • JRE Maintainers
  • Joint Interface Control Officers
  • Regional Interface Control Officers
  • Link Planners

What Does JRE 101 Offer to Students?

  • JRE Operations
  • JRE Maintenance
  • JRE Troubleshooting
  • Basic System Administration
  • Configuring and Operating JTIDS and MIDS Terminals
  • Configuring and Operating UHF Radios for Satellite JREAP-(A) or SAT-J
  • Full implementation of MIL-STD 3011 A,B and C
  • JRE Lessons Learned From OEF and OIF
  • JRE Capabilities and Limitations
  • JDOTS Overview/Demonstration
  • Configuring and Operating SADL Radios

Where and When is the Course Offered?

JRE 101 is normally offered one to two times per month. You can check out the training schedule for available training dates. The course is offered at our San Diego location.