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Training JRE Classroom Training

The JRE Operators Course is designed to familiarize the student with Joint Range Extension (JRE) operations. It provides maintenance skills in support of the JRE chassis and associated software as well as set-up and operation of ancillary equipment. Each student will receive hands-on and practical application training covering SATCOM, Secure Telephone Equipment, SADL radios, and Link-16 terminals (MIDS, STT, TTR, JTIDS).

Please note that the class begins at 8:30am on the first Monday of the course. Students will not be allowed early access to the building. The attire for the course is business casual. Military personnel are not required to be in uniform unless specified by your command.

JRE Course Versions may change throughout the year depending on student requirements. For the current JRE training class schedule please select the Training Schedule tab and go to the month you wish to have training. All courses are scheduled for 5 days. A certificate is issued upon course completion.

SAIC JRE has a state of the art training facility with all JRE Server/Client configurations that will allow the student to work with nearly every JRE configuration that is seen in the field. Each student will have hands-on experience with various SATCOM and SADL radios, as well as several variants of MIDS and JTIDS Link-16 terminals.

Note: In addition to registering for the class, please have your security officer send a visit request/security clearance via fax to 619-255-9842. If your activity uses JCAVS or JPAS, you can send your visit to SMO 605956.