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2016 Operator's Working Group April 26th - 28th

  • Nov 11, 2015

The JRE Operator's Working Group (JOWG) has been held annually since 1999. It originated as a Working Group sponsored by the US Air Force Link-16 Program Office and as Link-16 proliferated, the meeting rapidly grew into a government- industry forum for the Data Links Community to meet and discuss the scope of Tactical Data Links and inform each other of accomplishments, trends and developments in military and civil data link technology. The JOWG exists to facilitate the exchange of information within the Data Links/JRE community.

Operators are an essential part of the Community and their attendance provides tangible benefits for the Community and for the organizations that send them. These benefits include a better understanding of JRE capabilities and knowledge on latest developments, evolving systems, best practices, and new measures of support as well as the latest trends in training with JRE proficiency. Operator participation also provides essential feedback to acquisition and requirements organizations as well as system/software developers on how systems are currently being used in theatre and how they could be improved. This is the Data Link Community’s opportunity to provide that feedback to improve current systems and influence the next generation of interoperable Data Link systems.