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Link 16 Tactical Data Link Solutions Complete Battlespace Awareness with Digital Command and Control

Joint Range Extension’s combat-proven data link capability commands an unmatched record of performance, reliability, economy and agility. As the software solution for delivering Tactical Data Link (TDL) operations over Line of Sight (LOS) and Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications, JRE is the premier TDL system of choice by the United States Department of Defense and select coalition partners, with over 1,300 systems fielded worldwide.

A joint program of record for the US Air Force, US Marine Corps and Australia, JRE is the only TDL system able to claim that it has the lowest data loss and latency of any fielded data link gateway. Equally, JRE provides superior TDL processor performance as the only gateway featuring smart forwarding and data loop protection with a .9998 MTBF as well as the ability to process more than 20,000 tracks. JRE is coded in JAVA and extensible – meaning it is “Stable, Robust and Adaptable” – operating system agnostic. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed based on ease of use for fast and efficient operator actions and accessibility to mission critical information. JRE is a Technology Readiness Level (TRL)-9 tested, approved, certified and Information Assurance (IA) accredited and compliant TDL Gateway.


Extends the reach of tactical data across the battlespace and around the globe, providing the real-time situational awareness needed for mission success. Combat-proven with unmatched record of performance, reliability, economy and agility. Delivers the common operational picture needed to understand the situation and execute the mission.

JRE Key Features

  • MIL-STD Compliant. 6016, 3011, 2525C, 6011, and 6020 as well as portions of 6017 (VMF)
  • Joint Range Extension Application Protocol Appendix A/B/C (including TCP/IP, Unicast & Multicast)
  • Legacy Implementation for UHF DAMA S-TADIL-J (RS-232), Serial and TCP/IP BLOS Connectivity
  • Link-16 MIDS/JTIDS Terminals (1553, IP) – Transparent Gateway and Terminal Emulation
  • Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL) 11Z (IP/UDP) – Gateway or Host FAC Modes
  • Host Link-11A/B – Including Option for Dual NTDS Hosting of Link-11A Networks
  • Variable Message Format (VMF) – MIL-STD 2045-47001 B/C/D Ch1; K/J Message Forwarding
  • Built-in Data Loop Protection, Statistical Analysis Tools and Automatic Data Recording (DERG)
  • Powerful Filtering (CAT/ID, Track-Centric Message Type, DataAge, Filters on Overlays, etc)
  • Nationwide Automatic Information System (NAIS) translate NAIS Data to Link-16 Surface trackss
  • Two-way Track Generation, Free-Text and Weather Over Target Message Exchange
  • Imagery Exchange (NITF, JPEG, BMP, TIF & Eagle Eye)
  • Digital Command and Control (C2), Pairing Lines,Engagement Status and Intercept Point Awareness
  • Selectable Map Features – Raster Maps (CADRG/CIB) – 2D-Map – 3D Map – Moving/Flight Follow - REST and WMS support
  • Precise Mission Execution and Post Mission Analysis Toolsets