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Tactically Integrated Gateway Radios 7U

  • Tue 16th Feb 2016

TIGR provides gateway operators with the most widely used waveforms meeting most data link communication requirements in one box. TIGR is a line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communications system that incorporates Link 16 data and voice, ANW2, SRW, SATCOM, IW, DAMA and Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL). With dual ETR capability for Link-16 and SADL, TIGR can meet critical timing requirements for these networks simultaneously using a single DAGR GPS receiver.

When combined with Joint Range Extension (JRE) software, TIGR can seamlessly provide air and ground situational awareness and Command & Control within the battle space. The compact design makes TIGR a quickly deployable gateway solution ideal for mobile platforms.