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Tactically Integrated Gateway Radios 3U

  • Tue 26th Apr 2016

TIGR 3U provides Tactical Edge Warfighters with a one box solution to meet all essential data link and ISR communication requirements. TIGR's multi-channel and multi-band networking capabilities empower users with transformational communications flexibility in a very low SWaPand easily deployable unit.

TIGR incorporates both line-of -sight (LOS) and beyond-line-of -sight (BLOS) communications capabilities that include Link-16 data and voice, VHF/UHF voice, ANW2C, SRW, SATCOM, IW, and DAMA. With ETR capability for Link-16, TIGR can meet critical timing requirements for the Link 16 network using the DAGR GPS receiver.

Combined with Joint Range Extension (JRE) software running on an internal i5 Processor, TIGR can seamlessly provide multi-network air and ground situational awareness and Command & Control within thebattlespace, while simultaneously enabling radio control and data forwarding between networks, including VMF.