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Netcentric System Integrated Worldwide NSW

  • Thu 29th Jan 2015

The Joint Range Extension (JRE) is the warfighter’s premier gateway of choice, providing multipoint, interoperable, long-haul communications data exchange. JRE hosts JTIDS/MIDS terminals, SADL 11xy radios and provides BLOS connectivity enabling integrated operations at the strategic, operational and tactical levels of warfare. JRE bridges Link-16 architectures with the Global Information Grid, facilitating the robust Net Centric Warfare information exchange between participating service C2 platforms and disadvantaged user’s.

  • Joint Warfighter Stakeholders
  • Air & Space Operations Center (AOC)
  • Maritime Operations Center (MOC)
  • JTEP: JRE/TMPG Equipment Package for MCE
  • B-1 & Rivet Joint
  • GMG & ASOC Gateway
  • Battlefield Command, Control & Communications (BC3)
  • NORAD Homeland Defense
  • JADOC – Joint Air Defense Operations Center
  • MDA’s C2BMC
  • A-MANPADS-Advanced Man Portable Air Defense Sys
  • CAC2S – Common Aviation Command and Control Sys
  • Theatre High Altitude Area Defense Missile System