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Multi-TADIL platform

  • Mon 9th Feb 2015

Our team of engineers, management, and Subject Matter Experts are available to the JRE users 24 / 7. Utilized not only across every branch of the US Military and Coast Guard, the JRE provides the backbone to critical infrastructure such as the Homeland Defense Network. As partnering countries adopt the JRE they are identifying the JRE as the gateway of choice due to the ease of training, fullest set of message implementation, superior capability, and ease of integration into existing architectures.

Team JRE has been the answer when others have not met the challenge. As a Multi-TADIL platform and as an unequalled Link 16 gateway, we continue to evolve in order to surpass our war fighter's needs. With an unwavering dedication to software development and support, team JRE provides solutions ranging from Small Form Factor (SFF) and Computer Off The Shelf Systems (COTS) to the fully ruggedized hardware solutions.

Other Services:

  • Training warfighters to assure the highest levels of readiness
  • Conducting testing and certification to sustain high standards and quality assurance
  • Supporting systems with on-site Subject Matter Experts and 24/7/365 Help Desk Assistance
  • Providing comprehensive network solutions that enable mapping, tracking, management and communication interfaces to share information
  • Designing and developing multi-faceted communication networks that digitally link air, and sea forces in joint and multi-national operations
  • Integrating support systems by establishing common operating environments
  • Ensuring communication superior critical to achieving going military operations
  • Enabling secure communication paths to pass sensitive tactical data