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Data Link Gateway

  • Thu 9th Apr 2015

Exchanging real-time tactical information provides joint and coalition forces with a clear view of the battlespace and the situational awareness needed for mission success. However, Joint Forces face a challenge in modernizing key assets with essential 21st-century communication capabilities in the face of shrinking budgets.

JRE’s combat-proven data link gateway has an unmatched record of performance, reliability, economy and agility. It offers a wide range of compelling benefits across the entire operational landscape and chain of command.

With nearly 1,300 units in the field across the globe, JRE is uniquely qualified to provide data link capabilities to disadvantaged platforms with current processors, radios and terminals.

It meets all key requirements:

  • Joint: Provides the common operational picture needed for joint operations
  • Cost Effective: JRE offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any data link gateway
  • Adaptable: Software and hardware agnostic, JRE is highly configurable, has the ability to run on nearly any processor and easily implemented on current equipment
  • Reliable: Approved and certified; can be fielded immediately
  • Easy: Easy to procure, integrate and maintain, JRE is also intuitive and takes only a few hours to learn to use