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Java TLS Issue

  • Tue 22nd Jun 2021
  • Tony Garcia

In JRE versions 6 and 7 the client/server connection relies on Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.0, which has been disabled by default in Oracle Java 1.8 u291 due to security vulnerabilities.

JRE 2019 Operator's Working Group 2019 Cancelled

  • Wed 20th Mar 2019

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control related to our transition and acquisition by SAIC, we were unable to secure a location and acceptable date in a timely manner for 2019. Team JRE will be revisiting the JOWG planning for 2020 in June of this year. Once we solidify the JWOG 2020 dates we will send out invites to all JRE users.

JRE 2018 Operator's Working Group (March 6th - 8th)

  • Thu 25th Jan 2018

I would like to personally invite you to attend the 2018 JRE Operator's Working Group. This year’s working group will focus on how JRE’s current and future capabilities will enable the Warfighter to improve mission execution. Attendees will share their real-world experiences using JRE. Our SMEs will demonstrate the latest JRE software and equipment.

Register for JRE Operator's Working Group 2018

2017 International Data Links Society

  • Tue 8th Aug 2017

The Training Day will take place on 30 October 2017. Details of the courses can be found in the Training Day section of the website. Thank you to the Corporate members who have submitted their proposals which are now being reviewed. Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver and Gold packages are available at IDLS2017. These packages include paid delegate registration, hotel rooms and promotional opportunities.

JRE Proven Worthy Down Under

The JRE Team is thrilled with the recent success onboard the Australian C-130J where the JRE solution was selected by The Commonwealth of Australia and Airbus to be the Host system / Tactical Data Link system for the Commonwealth’s major air platform. The JRE systems were installed on the certified CMC TacView™ flight computers and laptops then integrated into the cockpit, loadmaster, and flight deck stations.

Tactically Integrated Gateway Radios 3U

  • Tue 26th Apr 2016

TIGR 3U provides Tactical Edge Warfighters with a one box solution to meet all essential data link and ISR communication requirements. TIGR's multi-channel and multi-band networking capabilities empower users with transformational communications flexibility in a very low swap and easily deployable unit.

Tactically Integrated Gateway Radios 7U

  • Tue 16th Feb 2016

TIGR provides gateway operators with the most widely used waveforms meeting most data link communication requirements in one box. TIGR is a line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communications system that incorporates Link 16 data and voice, ANW2, SRW, SATCOM, IW, DAMA and Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL).

JRE 2016 Operator's Working Group

  • Tue 24th Nov 2015

This event will be held at the Home Garden Inn and Homewood Suites in Del Mar, San Diego CA.

Data Link Gateway

  • Thu 9th Apr 2015

Exchanging real-time tactical information provides joint and coalition forces with a clear view of the battlespace and the situational awareness needed for mission success. However, Joint Forces face a challenge in modernizing key assets with essential 21st-century communication capabilities in the face of shrinking budgets.

Multi-TADIL platform

  • Mon 9th Feb 2015

Our team of engineers, management, and Subject Matter Experts are available to the JRE users 24 / 7. Utilized not only across every branch of the US Military and Coast Guard, the JRE provides the backbone to critical infrastructure such as the Homeland Defense Network. As partnering countries adopt the JRE they are identifying the JRE as the gateway of choice due to the ease of training, fullest set of message implementation, superior capability, and ease of integration into existing architectures.

Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications

  • Mon 9th Feb 2015

The 2011 Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCIS) conference was held in Canberra, Australia, during November. The MilCIS conference is the premier gathering of defense and government organizations, as well as research, academia and industry members from Australia and around the globe. Its aim is to facilitate ongoing discussion of current and future defense requirements, capabilities and technological solutions.

JRE 2015 Operator's Working Group

  • Sun 1st Feb 2015

An opportunity for all level of users to come together, the JRE Operations User Group Meeting brings together Joint Interface Control Officers, SPO representatives, system operators and maintainers as well as data link planners in order to present technical and tactical employment briefings. This year's conference will have more discussion, more networking time and more time for hands-on demos and display of new equipment and capabilities.

Netcentric System Integrated Worldwide NSW

  • Thu 29th Jan 2015

The Joint Range Extension (JRE) is the warfighter’s premier gateway of choice, providing multipoint, interoperable, long-haul communications data exchange. JRE hosts JTIDS/MIDS terminals, SADL 11xy radios and provides BLOS connectivity enabling integrated operations at the strategic, operational and tactical levels of warfare.

JTIDS Messages

  • Wed 28th Jan 2015

The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) selected the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) and the Tactical Digital Information Link J (TADIL J), also known as Link 16, as the primary terrestrial data link in support of Theater Missile Defense (TMD). Subsequent to that decision, BMDO and the Services developed a new set of TADIL J messages to support TMD communication requirements via JTIDS.

Exercise Vital Prospect 14

  • Tue 27th Jan 2015

The Australian Defense Simulation and Training Center (ADSTC), and Calytrix as its Prime contractor, developed and delivered the Australian Defence Force’s largest and most complex simulation supported exercise to date: Exercise Vital Prospect 2014 (VP14). Calytrix had over 30 staff supporting the exercise at Enoggera Army Base in Brisbane and at the ADSTC facility in Canberra.