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The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) selected the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) and the Tactical Digital Information Link J (TADIL J), also known as Link 16, as the primary terrestrial data link in support of Theater Missile Defense (TMD). Subsequent to that decision, BMDO and the Services developed a new set of TADIL J messages to support TMD communication requirements via JTIDS.

To verify the feasibility of the newly defined TMD messages, their transmit and receive protocols, and the reporting responsibility (R2) rules, BMDO sponsored a TMD Message Set Validation modeling and simulation (M&S) task to be carried out by the Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (MASC) at ESC.

This study showed that although there was technically enough capacity to support the required TMD communication requirements concurrently with Theater Air Defense (TAD), load mitigation strategies should be considered to improve performance. The recommended load mitigation strategies included Time-slot Reallocation (TSR) (dynamic capacity sharing between JTIDS hosts) and range extension beyond line of sight without the use of inter-zone relays. The TADIL-J Range Extension (JRE) addresses
this last strategy.

Recent conflict engagements have provided Engility Engineers with practical information that guide feature design and capabilities as well as system security and architecture employment. Integrating lessons learned from users in the field, resources and talent enable JRE systems to meet the network-centric criterion of the evolving warfighting methods of our times. Together, we deliver a product that satisfies the demands of today's U.S. Armed Forces and tomorrow's military operations.

Support Provided:

  1. Designing and developing multi-faceted communication networks that digitally link air, land and sea forces in joint
    and multi-national operations 
  2. Integrating support systems by establishing common operating environments
  3. Ensuring communication superiority critical to achieving joint military operations
  4. Enabling secure communication paths to pass sensitive tactical data
  5. Providing comprehensive network solutions that enable mapping, tracking, management  and communication
    interfaces to share information
  6. Training warfighters to assure the highest levels of readiness
  7. Conducting testing and certification to sustain high standards and quality assurance
  8. Supporting systems with on-site Subject Matter Experts and 24/7/365 Help Desk