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 Joint Warfighter Stakeholders

JRE is a joint program of record managed by the United States Air Force. JRE is fully compliant and joint-certified to MIL-STDs 6016D, 3011, 2525C, 6011 and 6020 and also implements portions of MIL-STD 6017A for VMF. JRE is the only TDL Gateway able to make the claim lowest data loss and latency, of any fielded data link gateway. Equally, JRE provides superior TDL processor performance as the only gateway featuring smart forwarding and data loop protection with a .9998 MTBF and processing of more than 20,000 track capacity. > Learn More:

Tactical Digital Information Link J (TADIL J), also known as Link 16, is the primary terrestrial data link in support of Theater Missile Defense (TMD).
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Command and Control Extends the reach of tactical data across the battlespace and around the globe, providing real-time situational awareness.  Download pdf  

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